Missouri Resources

The Missouri Department of Transportation is embracing a number of pilot initiatives to increase and improve the capability and capacity of those Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms who are most under-used in highway contracting. These resources are available to those socially or economically disadvantaged individuals who own businesses and want to participate in MoDOT projects to those who want to pursue a career in a construction-related craft. The department offers a number of resources – generally, and specifically for the New Mississippi River Bridge – for those individuals.

For information on any of these programs in the St. Louis area, contact Patricia Weekley at 314-340-4337, Patricia.Weekley@modot.mo.gov. For MoDOT letting and bidding information, go here.


General Missouri Resources

Business Coaching Program
This program helps develop the capacity and capability of those DBE firms interested in highway contracting. This helps add to the economic growth of the communities served by these firms. Currently, the program offers training on joint venturing, business plan development, finance and bonding, marketing, bidding and estimating and safety issues, as well as others.
Business Assistance Centers
MoDOT has two Business Assistance Centers (one in St. Louis and one in Kansas City) with computers, and administrative and professional staff. The services offered by the Business Assistance Centers are free to DBE business owners.
North American Industry Classification System Expansion Program
This program helps DBE firms increase their certification “scope of work” – the work that the DBE firm has been certified to do. This program helps DBE contractors perform work outside of their current capabilities; this helps them gain the experience, expertise and skills needed to improve their certifications.
Entrepreneur Training Program
The Entrepreneurship Training Program‘s intent is to help Disadvantaged Business Enterprise firms build their business skills in specific and measurable areas. This program encourages participants, prime contractors and other professionals to engage collaboratively regularly. Once business owners have completed the program, they are better prepared to work with transportation agencies. Information is available here on the Fall 2010 training here in St. Louis.  This application for training must be submitted by July 31, 2010.
DBE Needs Assessment
MoDOT's Supportive Services routinely analyzes its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program to determine what stands in the way of DBE firms doing business with prime contractors and with MoDOT.

Missouri Worforce Resources

Construction Prep Center
MOKAN'S mission is to assist small and/or minority contractors working in the construction industry. The organization achieves this by providing promotional and training programs to contractors in the Greater Metropolitan St. Louis Area. MOKAN is a 501c3 Not for Profit agency.