Project Opportunities

The Missouri and Illinois Departments of Transportation are committed to ensuring that all segments of the local community benefit from the economic impact and job creation that the New Mississippi River Bridge project will provide – including those communities that will be served by the project.

DBE Opportunities

As with all projects using Federal funds, both DOTs require Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms complete a percentage of the work. This includes both minority and woman owned businesses (MBE and WBE). Both states are continually striving for higher percentages of all DBEs on the river bridge project. In addition, each state offers technical and managerial assistance to help those DBEs desiring to work with the department.

Both Illinois and Missouri are proactively working to address the development and preparation of qualified minority contractors and workers for the upcoming construction phase of their project.

Here is a compiled list of all the minority contractors who have received subcontracts during design and construction.. This information will be updated as information changes significantly.

Bidding Opportunities

Workforce Opportunities

  • One of the goals for the project is ensuring that minorities and females are being represented among the workforce for the construction of the main span and other projects. As construction projects continue, the hours and percentages will change.



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