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As part of the on-going design process for the Mississippi River Bridge project, the MRB team will be posting updates for the baseline plans for the bridge and the approaches.

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November, 2008: FEIS Re-evaluationBack to Top

The New Mississippi River Bridge Project received a Record of Decision (ROD), Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) Approval and Design Approval in 2001. However, it was determined that funding for the entire project could not be secured to satisfy the Financial Plan requirements for a Major Project.

This re-evaluation of the FEIS describes an operationally independent phase of the New Mississippi River Bridge Project that allows the states to satisfy the Major Projects requirements while providing components essential to meeting the main elements of the project’s purpose and need.

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March, 2001: FEIS Back to Top

This document relates to the Ultimate Project, and was re-evaluated as noted above.

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April, 2000: DEISBack to Top

Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

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