One of the main priorities for the Mississippi River Bridge team has been an effort to ensure that the community continues to stay informed and involved in the project. To do that, the team has established a number of different avenues to gather input from the public, as well as several different methods for the community to stay connected to the project and discover what is happening.

Community Roundtable

After design on the bridge began, MoDOT established a series of community roundtable meetings to discuss workforce use and DBE involvement on the Mississippi River Bridge project. Initially, the project held five public roundtable meetings, where various issues were discussed. After those initial meetings, the community, as well as the Illinois and Missouri Departments of Transportation, selected a 15 person Roundtable Advisory Committee. This committee, and its subcommittees, will continue to research and discuss these topics through the remaining design and construction of the bridge. In addition, the River Bridge team will hold additional roundtables (approximately once every six months) to discuss progress and possible concerns about workforce and DBE involvement issues. View additional workforce information.


The Mississippi River Bridge project has a lot of elements that impact the communities of St. Louis city and those around the East St. Louis area. To help give the people and organizations in those areas more information about decisions on the project (from scheduling, traffic impacts, and the like), the team has set up both the Community Information Group (for the entire project) and the Illinois Community Outreach Network (to discuss information specific to the Illinois projects around the I-70 connector and the Tri-Level Interchange.) These groups are made up of elected officials and representatives from community groups throughout the area. The groups meet about once per quarter to discuss the latest information on the bridge; attendees can ask questions about those issues which concern them and the people they represent.


The DEC is a group of Metro-East Community Leaders and Stakeholders whose purpose is to work cooperatively with IDOT in identifying strategies to address the long-standing problem of underrepresentation of minority businesses and workers on all IDOT projects in the Metro East area including the new Mississippi River Bridge project. This group is comprised of individuals representative the following organizations:

  • Metro-East Black Contractors Organization (2)
  • MoKAN (1)
  • Area Mayoral (2)
  • Area Legislative (2)
  • Labor (2)
  • General Contractors (2)
  • Community Organizations (2)
  • IDOT

Stay Connected

There are several avenues to stay connected to the Mississippi River Bridge and to keep informed about the project.

  • Sign up for e-updates — information targeted to certain groups on bids, news releases and events
  • Newsletters — The project has quarterly newsletters discussing various elements of the project.