There are significant roadway projects in Illinois and Missouri that are part of the New Mississippi River Bridge project.

  • Overall Project

    Overall Project









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    The new Mississippi River Bridge project helps reduce congestion and increase safety on the Poplar Street Bridge by removing I-70 from the PSB. Currently, the PSB carries three interstates. Once I-70 has relocated to the new bridge, several improvements may be made to the PSB to improve the flow of traffic between the PSB and I-55.


    • Missouri North I-70 Interchange

      The Missouri North I-70 interchange connects the New Mississippi River Bridge with the existing I-70 roadway as well as downtown St. Louis. Current plans for the interchange include providing access from the interchange to a future Tucker Avenue improvement completed by St. Louis City and funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (economic stimulus) money.

    • Illinois I-70 Connection

      This road connects the Tri-Level Interchange (where I-64, I-70 and I-55 merge) with the Mississippi River Bridge. When the bridge is complete, I-70 will move to this roadway and cross over the new bridge. Although not part of the MRB Project, a Route 3 interchange is planned for construction with funding from Illinois Jobs Now!.

    • Illinois Tri-Level Interchange

      The Tri-Level Interchange is where I-64 and I-70/I-55 merge. Currently, the three interstates merge and then cross over the Poplar Street Bridge. In preparation for the I-70 Connection, this merge area will see many improvements, including new ramps to and from the new bridge.